Workshop on effective thinking for innovation

If you ever had the impression that those sticky note workshops didn’t take you that far, there is a simple reason: the innovation processes you get taught stay at the surface of how innovation works and you’re unlikely to apply them in your daily work.

Learning the basics of how your brain works when you’re innovating will have a far more lasting impact on your daily work than learning about specific innovation processes. You will learn how your brain actually comes up with new ideas of innovation in a fun and easy way.


Workshop on remote working for individuals and teams

This will be a spoiler but: simply placing your laptop at a beach won’t magically make you a successful remote worker.

Working remotely requires to know yourself: what structures you work best in, knowing your peak times, defining your own idea of success, building up trust and common goals and how to handle freedom are some of the topics you will have to deal with first.

Whether you will join individually or as a whole team – this workshop will be designed along your personal questions, challenges and needs as a remote worker.

Choose one of the following topics (or both!) and get in touch for a workshop! They will be especially customized for you and your team!