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Talks on innovation & the future of work

I try to make my talks profound and entertaining at once so that you will come away with new insights and be able to apply them to your own situation immediately.

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My speaking topics include:


The category shift – What organizations need to do to adapt to the future of work

The future of work demands a radical change in frameworks, patterns, and categories as we know them. Organizations, managers, teams, and individuals are faced with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) while having to prepare for the future. This talk will give advice on what your organization or audience can do to manage the “category shift”.


Generation Z is the new workforce – What they want and how you can give it to them

While some organizations keep themselves busy with the Millennials, Generation Z gets prepared for the future job market. This future generation of employees demands a radical shift from organizations to adapt work to their attitudes, values and expectations. This talk is sure to show how organizations can attract the talents of Gen Z.


The new world of work – How managers and teams can stay ahead of the change

Working in distributed teams is daily business in many international future-oriented companies. But often neither employees nor managers actually know how to make new work successful. This talk gives insight how every day work of managers and teams radically changed and what they can do to use the future of work for effectiveness, innovation, and productivity.


Shared Leadership – A new style of leadership for the future of work

Leading and managing in the future of work demands to rethink your fundamental personal understanding of leadership and your role as a leader. Further still, it will lead to major changes in HR. Shared leadership is seen as a promising way to effectively lead in the future. This talk explores what shared leadership is and what managers should do to adapt.


Innovation and learning – Game-changing innovation processes for organizations

Design Thinking, Sprint, Crowdinnovation Workshops and many others have one thing in common: they make you feel innovative, but you aren’t. Innovation is a process in your brain, which can be learned and practiced in a sustainable manner. This will transform the way whole teams work. Backed with cognitive neuropsychology, this talk shows how your brain can be used as a tool for innovation (leaving colorful sticky notes aside).


The company retreat – How it can be your new source of innovation

Retreats are an emerging business trend. It is a result of bonding for distributed teams, companies having the ongoing need for attracting and holding talents, and as an act of “sustainable leadership” for managers. However, largely overlooked is the fact that company retreats can actually lead to innovative breakthroughs. This talk gives insight into the future of retreats and how they can be used as a new source for innovation.