Hi! Nice to meet you!

My name is Désirée.

My passion is to help individuals and teams learn and work better. Join me in my journey into the future of work!

Working back in 2006, I began to see a strong connection between innovation and remote work and between learning and where learning takes place.

Back then, two times a day, I would take an hour commute in a fully packed train. Eventually, my employer agreed to let me work from home a couple days a week. When I realized how much more work I could complete when free from office distractions (and the drain of the commute), I became hooked to remote work. I started to actively use remote work as a tool for better, more efficient and more effective work.

 Later, from 2010 on, I was organizing and leading expert conferences. Rather than having stereotypically boring seminars, I strived to make these powerful. Events were held in noteworthy venues such as a museum, a wintergarden, a country estate, or an ancient spa hotel. It was clear how much the location had influence on how and what people learned. This triggered me to want to create more learning programs linked to stunning environments all over the world.

Finally, during my PhD, I found out why locations have so much influence on how we learn as well as how remote working can actively be used as a tool for innovation. My work focused on a cognitive approach to innovation and learning. I showed changes in our brains when we are thinking creatively, a learning process for innovation, and how this can be used towards entrepreneurship.

My career path has always been linked to innovation and learning. I have a master’s degree in Business/HR Education, Psychology and Intercultural Communication. Since 2006 I worked on different projects about professional education & training, entrepreneurship and innovation, mostly for University of Zurich where I am now Head of Science Lab. I also have been CEO of the Swiss association for professional education & training, and cofounded and still lead Social Innovation Summit.

Always wanting to help others reach their potential, I continuously have side projects, like cofounding the startup platform Startup@UZH or leading the Sustainability Committee at the University of Zürich.

Personally, when not making magic at my desk, I love physical activities such as walking, hiking, swimming, standup paddling, acrobatics/dance, and yoga. I also love to continue learning through books and I am really into electronic music. When traveling, my camera rarely leaves my side.