Nice to meet you!

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With Innovationlead, my goal is to help individuals and teams learn and work better in the future of work.

Back in 2006, I began to fundamentally change the way I work. Now, more than a decade later, the future of work is my daily business. 

My career path has always been linked to innovation and learning. I have a master’s degree in Business/HR Education, Psychology and Intercultural Communication. My PhD focused on a cognitive approach to innovation and learning. I showed a learning process for innovation, and how this can be used towards entrepreneurship.

Since 2006 I worked on different projects about professional education & training, entrepreneurship and innovation, mostly for University of Zurich where I am now Head of Science Lab. I also have been CEO of the Swiss association for professional education & training, where I also was responsible for organizing and leading expert retreats.

Always wanting to help others reach their potential, I continuously have side projects, like cofounding the startup platform Startup@UZH, leading the Sustainability Committee at the University of Zurich and cofounding and leading Social Innovation Summit.

Personally, when not making magic at my desk, I love physical activities such as walking, hiking, swimming, standup paddling, acrobatics/dance, and yoga. I also love to continue learning through books and I am really into electronic music. When traveling, my camera rarely leaves my side.

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