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How a Company Retreat can be Your New Source for Innovation

posted on March 9th 2017 in Innovation & Productivity & Remote work & Retreat with 0 Comments

There are a variety of offers for the individual “digital nomad” such as co-working and living spaces, cruises, and trips (find an overview here). Although there are many options, retreats for corporations are on the fast lane. This emerging trend is a result of distributed teams spread all over the globe and companies having the […]

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If you think coworking spaces foster innovation and networking, think again.

posted on January 23rd 2017 in Productivity & Remote work with 0 Comments

Working remotely in coworking spaces is considered as “cool” (I will come back to that word later). To meet the growing demand, coworking spaces pop up like mushrooms. On Popupoffce, a swiss Startup for a pass giving access to multiple coworking spaces, I would have the choice between over hundred coworking spaces in the whole […]

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What Psychology Teaches Us About Distractions (no, it’s not the lack of self-discipline)

posted on January 12th 2017 in Productivity & Remote work with 0 Comments

Have you ever sat down determined to complete a task and several hours later discovered you had barely put a dent towards its completion? Distractions have a sneaky way of slipping into our lives and distorting time. “I tried it out. It just didn’t get anything done. Remote working doesn’t work for me” people keep […]

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Innovation & remote work – Welcome to my blog!

posted on January 10th 2017 in Innovation & Remote work with 0 Comments

I am happy to welcome you to my new blog on innovation and remote working! My mission is to provide you and your team hands-on and in-depth information on remote working and innovation by sharing a variety of well-grounded insights, how-to’s and real-life stories. It all began back in 2006. Comparing the effectiveness of my […]

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