The Future of Work Skills

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“The only real security in an economy and society at flux is to know enough to be able to move.” – Peter Drucker

The future of work is now.

Increasing complexity, artificial intelligence, exponential development, and uncertainty are just some of the drivers that radically change the way we think, live and work.

We see the future that is already about to happen.

Over the course of the last two decades, we have experienced a major from the information society to the knowledge society. Knowledge and skills have become the main cost, the main investment and the main product of the advanced economy and will continue to be so in the future.

Being prepared for the future doesn’t mean being prepared for changes. It means being prepared for radical shifts in even shorter time periods. Breakthrough innovations will change whole industries, jobs we couldn’t imagine to exist will emerge, and we will face challenges we won’t be able to come even close to solving with previously proven approaches.

The future of work skills enable us to navigate through a complex, uncertain and fast-changing world.

But leaders will need a new set of skills not only to manage these new realities mentioned above but also to create a new business world.

Leaders will need a new set of skills to exist in the avant-garde.

The future of work skills will enable us to shape and engineer the future of our businesses. To take leaps in a fast-changing world, to make radical shifts and to bring into existence jobs no one could have imagined.

If you want to be in the avant-garde of business, you need to have the right people with the right mindset and right skill sets – either by smart hiring or training.

Times have changed since The World Economic Forum published its list of the Top 10 core work-related skills for 2020. But 2020 is tomorrow. We need to look ahead, beyond that timeline.

With this forward-thinking approach in mind, I created the Future of Work Skills series.

This new series identifies the 10 major future of work skills that will be essential to the workforce of the future. Each skill will include a short description and explanation of why the skill is important, regardless of a person’s job title or the industry he/she is working in.

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